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Thursday, July 26, 2012

TheSharkomikx: Sahur


wafiy suzly said... [Reply to comment]

baguih22, pasni hang leta cuka plak. :D

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

@wafiy suzly: not me but my housemate..hahahaha

◕ Kawaii D Y S H A ◕ said... [Reply to comment]

terbaik la.. memg tahan smpai berbuka..huahua

ms.bulat said... [Reply to comment]

HAHAH sedap tak?

mie said... [Reply to comment]

kena try ni...

Rien Rose said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha jgn letak lada dah lah.. wakaka

laskar pelangi said... [Reply to comment]

molek benar!
bila dah sesi nak teguk air tuh. mula lah baru sedar 100%...

eddy syrol said... [Reply to comment]

try ajinamoto :P

nazha anua said... [Reply to comment]

lol..makan garam boleh dehydrate kot air dari dalam badan..hahaha

Aujinz said... [Reply to comment]

elok laa tue.. lepas tue terus segar buntang mato.. wakakakakaka

ParkAir said... [Reply to comment]

kah3 terbaik, sebab tu kena berbini..

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

@ParkAir:untunglah ada bini

Pek Chek Kia said... [Reply to comment]

haha. taste bagus ke?

cEro said... [Reply to comment]

agak2 rasa camne ek???
masin ke manis yg lebey?

shada wentz said... [Reply to comment]

PEHHH. sodappppp ;o

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