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TheSharkomikx: How to prevent your Facebook Fan Page from being hacked

#Cara nak mengelakkan Facebook Fan Page 
anda dari kena Hack

Mark, how to prevent Facebook Fan Page from being hacked?

It's easy man.. Piece of cake

Don't setup a Facebook Fan Page.  Then your Facebook Fan Page
 will never got hacked. hik hik hik

Hey guys. TheSharkox Fan Page now available on Facebook.
Silalah LIKE.

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Farhan Hanif said... [Reply to comment]

haha...nak lempang je rasa...lolx~

ama said... [Reply to comment]


gabanMorka said... [Reply to comment]

mark ni bukanlah bijak sgt pon.haha

missSenget said... [Reply to comment]

ape ni mark??

jawapan xleh terime laa..


ele mark..kaber kekurangan laa tu.. keh3..

Ayeem Jemain said... [Reply to comment]

rambut mark cam bihun

wannurfazrini said... [Reply to comment]

tp dia sendiri vreate fp, fuyohhh. wajib lah wannurfazrini like :P

Wuucin said... [Reply to comment]

wah jumpa mark! nk sign~~~~ hahahaha sengal!

wafiy said... [Reply to comment]

aku dah agak mak zukebek akan ckp gtu, haha

afrohead said... [Reply to comment]

trick nak promote fanpage TheSharkox ni :p

putrifayad said... [Reply to comment]

pndai mark wat lawak..btw,fyd da like..anda2 bile lagi..hehehe:)

adrinaqamarina said... [Reply to comment]

simple as an ABC :P

hayra said... [Reply to comment]

rambut mark banyak uban . hahaha

Haryz Khairuddin said... [Reply to comment]

jawapan terbaik dari mark..
da agak da mmg jawapan camtu.. ;p

ika~~ said... [Reply to comment]


mushroom said... [Reply to comment]

wahh dah ada fanpage.. saya dah like.. saya orang ke 19 huhuk!

Abang Zam said... [Reply to comment]

comel je mark kau buat tu

zuwaidah said... [Reply to comment]

hehehehee ingatkan ada caranya...rupa2nya hehehehehehhe

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

Farhan: jgn la lempang..auww...

Ama: hek aloh

gaban: tak bijak sangat, tapi kaya

senget: haha..cover

ayeem: macam cacing sebenarnya

Fadz:fp? facepook?

@wuucin: sign kat tengan, dah ilang pasal nak makan kena basuh tangan

@wafiy: hahaha

@afro: hehehehe..tricky tak?

fayad: tq

afrina: abcdef

@hayra: mana uban..itu bihun ayeem kata

@haryz: hehehe

@ika: haruslah apa?

@mushroom: takde hadiah utk org ke 19

@zam: comel macam ko zam

@kak zuL: itulah caranya


shark said... [Reply to comment]

skali bro shark terkene palk..

Aujinz said... [Reply to comment]

ahahahhaha... terasa macam nak lempang jerk..

Hajira Razali said... [Reply to comment]

cehh. peromot fan page rupanya. punya aku semangat nak tau macam mana. dushh!

Ain Zulaikha said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha mak sukaburger tak reti nak protect profile lain kena hack.. apesal orang tu tak hack fb terus.. hahaha eden kayo eden kayo

btw, gila hebat kartun u.. :) keep it up :)

Ahmad FIkrizaman said... [Reply to comment]

Patutnya mark troll sikit.. Takmau fb kena hack, buat la page myspace.. (trollface)

ParkAir said... [Reply to comment]

Jawapan brader tu briliant macam jawapan cari luas kawasan kuning la.

Aku jadi orang ke 54 like tu. I like....

Mr.Kerro said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha... skali mark speking BM derr...

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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