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TheSharkox's Wordless Wednesday #1

What is Wordless Wednesday (WW)? 
Last week, I found this WW from AriffShah. It's a day where bloggers post an image or photo without any words to explain what the image is all about on every Wednesday. Kind of cool eh?. 

Hey, let's publish an entry of WW.


p/s: Dapat no. 4 dalam Contest Contengconteng. Yeay..
p/ss: Win a car by just drinking Tea. Check it out at BOH-Tea Fanpage

*adapting the Stanley Chow illustration style. 


Faten said... [Reply to comment]

Asal tak nampak mata ?

Nyorok eh ? =D

Abang Zam said... [Reply to comment]

nice eh..haha..aku nak buat jugak lah

*wednesday..nice eh

Aujinz said... [Reply to comment]

cantek cantek.. baeklah..
saya nak buat jugak.. hue hue hue

wannurfazrini said... [Reply to comment]

apa wordless wednesday ni? explen lahh sikit!

adrinaqamarina said... [Reply to comment]

besok rabu! boleh la buat! hehe.

nampak macam rabu yang suram jeee. :D

Ayeem Jemain said... [Reply to comment]


Ahmad FIkrizaman said... [Reply to comment]


tu la dia ckp.. post foto tanpa sebarang perkataan... so, tak boleh explain...

afrohead said... [Reply to comment]

adakah gambar ini bermaksud pekerja kolar putih yang kebosanan dan kemalasan di hari rabu?

missSenget said... [Reply to comment]

tahniah menang kontest...!

meh kongsi adiah misteri tu..hehehe

pearl jade said... [Reply to comment]

give me an idea to update my blog :)

pearl jade said... [Reply to comment]

baru paham #1 tue..
kire next WW jadi #2 la ek..hehe

congratz menang CC...

Finie Ramos said... [Reply to comment]

Cool! but u did write something on it!

salma.tayo said... [Reply to comment]

nice!nak join juga lah. ♥

mushroom said... [Reply to comment]

jom kita ramai2 ww!!

zuwaidah said... [Reply to comment]


Puteri Iqa Izyan said... [Reply to comment]

ohh. ramai jugak buat entri WW ni =))

tapi kenapa ramai yg suram je hari ni ? o_O

Wan Gerrard said... [Reply to comment]

haha aku baru tau benda ni..bisu la jap

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

seorang lelaki yang tak best dengan hari rabu

ParkAir said... [Reply to comment]

Rupa macam frust harga minyak naik je.

cimcili said... [Reply to comment]

kenapa rabu? kenapa rabu? kenapa rabu?????

Mr.Kerro said... [Reply to comment]

muka orag nantuk di opis..hehehe

blog-tips-kurus said... [Reply to comment]

Rabu-peak of the week!
selalu jem di sana sini..

akoo said... [Reply to comment]

huhu loike~

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