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Suatu hari bersama Aziz

Suatu hari, member aku nama dia Aziz dari Ethiopia tanya kat aku

"My friend, i want to buy a motorcycle, how much?"
"U can get a quite good condition 2nd hand motorcycle at price range from RM2000-RM2500"
"'s expensive!"
"U still can get a motorsikal price below than that, but the condition is not so good"
"I think better i kensel my niat to buy motorlah" kata aziz

"You know, i have a transportation bus lalu in front my house, so i had to walk from my house to the main road about 20 minutes"
"Then, what is the masalah problem walking about 20 minutes to get a bus?"
"The sun bite me" katanya
"WHATT The Eff ???!! The bite u?? How come?? That sun have gigi ha??"  

"Hahaha...u so funny man..i know u hensem, but please, don't make joke like that to me, i am serious sheet u know??!"
Nasib baik Aziz tak lempang aku laju2 kerana lawak bangang tak berfaedah aku..

Makhluk Aziz mengadu yang dia berjalan dalam panas terik sekarang ni tiap kali nak masuk ke kampus. Dulu dia menginap kat hostel, tapi baru-baru ni dia keluar dok kat rumah sewa kat area perumahan staf. So dia kena la jalan kaki, pasal bas UUM tak lalu kawasan rumah staf tu.

Lepas tu dia sambung lagi cerita
"You see, my skin now become darker, because everyday i walk di bawah pancaran matahari yang terik"

Ok, bila dia kata dia kulit dia dah jadi makin gelap, aku mula gelak macam haramjadah.Kalaulah aku seekor binatang bernama tenggiling, konform aku gelak sambil guling-guling time tu jugak..har har har

Dia tanya lagi
"Why are loughing man?? I am serious sheet talking to u..U always loughing"

Harharhar.....Apasal aku gelak lepas dia cakap macam tu??
pasal ni lah makhluk bernama Aziz tu..

Dia dah memang kulit original 'tak berapa nak cerah', lepas tu dia kata dia makin gelap, dan aku tak dapat lihat perbezaan kulit dia yang dia kata makin gelap tu dengan kulit original dia.
So, apa laga, tibai gelak la..har har har..
Nasib baik la dia kool ajer, kalu tak kena lempang pulak aku..

Kau tak payah beli motor la, kau beli ajer basikal, lagi murah. Lagipun ko bukan ada lesen kan Aziz??
Kau ni memang lawak la Aziz, lawak macam tupai..Harharhar..

p/s: Gambar makhluk Aziz di atas ialah gambar ketika dia sedang meraikan konvo Master IT dia pada tahun 2009. Tahun ni dia buat pulak master dia yang kedua, Master in Decision Science. Sebelum balik ke negara dia nanti, dia ada dua Master, kagum???


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

bengong..aku agak dag kawan ko tu mesti special skin punya. hahaha.

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

@sundaychoc: Haha..very Special skin color tone

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

shark....nanti aku bgtaw aziz ko masukkan crita dia dalam nih....hahaha...aku pun dok bantai gelak dalam bilik ni....hahaha - herylegend

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

@Anonymous: Haha...jangan, nanti dia takmau kawan dengan aku..haha

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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