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The real reason why Rooney dropped by Coca Cola

Why on earth, Coca Cola remove Roo's image from their Zero Diet campaign?
Do you think it's because of his sex scandal??

The sex scandal is just to cover up the truth

The truth is..
He become FAT after take a lots of Coca Cola Zero Diet

It's not good for COCA COLA image-lah,
and for the sake of his image as MAN. UTD player too

Don't worry Roo,
Come to Malaysia, we have Tongkat Ali Power Root for you (and for Tiger Wood also).

Should I try this root?
Have a nice Wednesday Roo

p/s: Oh sheet, I forgot about John Terry!


Wan Gerrard said... [Reply to comment]

haha nice bro..
bagi die try jusmate tu pun ok gak =P

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

@Wan Gerrard: Haha...macam mana aku leh lupa pasal Jusmate??? thanks for the reminder...

syahrilhafiz said... [Reply to comment]

gila la rooney cam tu..

The Sharkox said... [Reply to comment]

@syahrilhafiz: Jusmate5 ada...dia tak perlu risau...haha

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